Bransty School Loves Reading!

Here at Bransty reading is a high priority. We encourage our children to ‘Strive For Five’; reading for at least five times a week, for thirty minutes each session.

We cannot emphasise enough, that for your child to make good improvement with their reading, an adult should hear them read at least five times a week in KS1/Lower KS2. For older children in upper KS2, they should read independently at least five times a week and make comments in their reading record books to address their targets.

‘There is a difference in reading performance equivalent to just over a year’s schooling between young people who never read for enjoyment and those who read for up to 30 minutes per day.’

Questioning your child as they read is very important and we have included a link with some examples of reading questions to assist you as you hear your child read at home. It is integral for your child’s reading ability that you talk to them about the texts they are reading and inspire a love of books within your child. Children that take great pleasure in reading, take great pleasure in writing. You need to model this skill for your child to show them how much fun reading a fantastic story can be! Please strive to read DAILY with your child. This is of great importance to help your child improve not only their reading ability, but also their writing ability and their vocabulary.

“Children who enjoy reading are three times more likely to have good mental well-being than children who don’t enjoy it.” Literacy Trust 2019“

In school our reading provision starts with the Read, Write, Inc programme which children work through with daily sessions from Nursery to the beginning of Year 2. We also make use of the excellent CUSP resources for reading. These are used from Year 1 through to Year 6.  These materials are used to teach daily reading lessons. Some Key Stage 2 children may also be enrolled on the Fresh Start RWI programme to supplement their CUSP reading sessions and to target any learning gaps through separate intervention sessions.


Reading Record Books

Each child at Bransty will be given a special Reading Record book to chart their daily reading. Spaces are provided for the parent, or child (depending on age) to record responses to questions.


Reading Celebrations

Reading Achievements are marked at Bransty in a variety of ways for example awarding green bubbles, certificates and star reader badges. At Bransty, reading is ALWAYS rewarded.


Accelerated Reader

The children at Bransty use the Accelerated Reader system for reading. Children who have completed the Read, Write Inc programme will be placed on the Accelerated Reader system. The children will be tested and given a ZPD number which will allow them to choose books at a specific level. When your child has completed a book, they will be asked to complete a comprehension quiz about the text they have just read. These questions are tracked and recorded to help monitor their reading ability. Rewards will be given as the children progress through the levels and books to celebrate their successes. To support your children, reading with them daily will be essential and recording this in the learning logs with comments will promote home school links. Older, more able readers, should be reading independently and recording this in their Reading Record Books. It is still important, if you are a parent of a more independent reader, to ask them questions about the text they are reading and encourage their reading to be completed daily.