Year 4

In Year 4, children are well-established in the routines of Key Stage 2. They are encouraged, with support from adults at home and school, to become more responsible and independent in their learning. Making sure Learning Logs show evidence of reading, practising spellings and improving times-tables knowledge are all things that children can begin to do for themselves in Year 4.

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There are so many fantastic learning opportunities for us this year, as you can see from our Long Term Plan.

On a daily basis, we work on reading, using fantastic core texts, building up skills of fluency and comprehension. We also work on our writing each day, covering a range of genres throughout the year. Daily maths, covering the whole mathematics curriculum, is supported by regular arithmetic and times-tables practice.

Foundation subjects are covered throughout the week and we regularly complete quizzes to make sure everything that we learn in these curriculum areas is remembered.



Children will be given their homework every Monday.

Homework will normally consist of:

• Children must read AT LEAST 4 times during the week, but should ‘strive for 5’, or read every single night.
Children are encouraged to write a comment in their Learning Logs to show their opinions on their reading, or to ‘magpie’ good vocabulary and even to note down words that they didn’t understand, so we can discuss them in class.  Children are awarded a green bubble for completing their reading each day and an extra green bubble for responding to that reading with an appropriate comment.

• Each week children are set a Reading Question.
This encourages them to think more deeply about their reading and they should write their response in their Learning Logs.
Children who have read at least 4 times during the week AND answered their reading question, will be awarded 3 green bubbles.

• We do not send lists of words home for children to learn for spelling tests.  Instead, children will be given a home learning sheet based on the spelling work we have been doing in class.  These should be completed and handed back in by the end of the week.

• Children will be encouraged to use Times Tables Rockstars to practise their tables at home.

There is a practise schedule that we will follow throughout the year and children will be asked to spend different amounts of time working on different sections of TTR to ensure that they have a thorough knowledge by the summer term.

Knowledge of times tables is monitored through TTR ‘heatmaps’ which show the tables that children do well and those that they still need to work on.  Children are regularly rewarded with a certificate showing TTR achievements.

It is VITAL that the children know the times tables, up to 12 x 12, by the end of Year 4 as they will be completing a statutory Times Tables Check in the Summer Term

Home Learning
In the event of that a child is ill, or required to self-isolate this academic year, we are happy to provide learning materials and work for your child to complete at home. This work will either be sent through ClassDojo, or available for you to access through the Showbie app.



We appreciate that knowing what your child is expected to be learning in Year 4 is important. Here you can find national expectations for English and Maths.

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