Year 2

There are so many new and exciting learning opportunities for us in Year 2 and I know you are all going to really enjoy becoming more independent and learning all of the topics that we cover.

In History, we will be looking into some key events in History such as The plague, The Great Fire of London, WW11 and the history of Whitehaven.  In Geography we are going to be using map and fieldwork skills, looking at maps and aerial views of our local area and comparing to other places around the world.

Our Science journey will continue studies in living things and their habitats and animal life cycles, and we will find out more about materials, seasons and healthy living.

We will focus on our ICT skills this year, enabling us to research, use iPads and basic software programs. In Art we will explore sketching and the use of colour and shading. We will create models in DT and design for a purpose. In RE we will look at some other major faiths and think about how we all celebrate in different ways.  In music this year we will continue focusing on songs of the week and also play the guitars and drums. We will have a huge focus on PE, encouraging gross motor skills and competition, displaying a progression in skills.

Best of all, there are many fantastic books for us to read and listen to this year, some of which we will link to our writing and others that we will enjoy purely for pleasure!

It’s going to be a great year!




This year we are:

  • Building on knowledge of the UK, looking at capital cities
  • Building on human and physical features, maps, compasses and directions
  • Comparing where we live to a non-European location
  • Becoming familiar with field work skills
  • Using knowledge notes and webs to recap over previous learning and build on new.


All History sessions will give children time to practise, rehearse and retrieve learning. Children will be encouraged to make the links between different periods in time. Timelines will include aspects of world history that are occurring at the same time as the period being taught to the children.



LEARNING LOGS-Children are expected to bring their Learning Logs to school EVERYDAY.


The amount of homework set for your children will  vary throughout the school year. However, there are basic things that the children will ALWAYS be expected to do EVERY WEEK.

These are:
1. To read at least 4 times during the week (everyday if possible) and record it in Learning Logs. Children can only do Reading Accelerated quiz when they fully understand their book.
2. Practise the next set of spellings to be checked and tested in school each week on a Monday. Children are practising Common Exception words.
3. Practise the next set of times tables to be tested on a Friday.
4. TT Rockstars are set each week and tracked termly.

Here is the statutory list of Common Exception words in which children should know before leaving Year 2.

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