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Here is a taste of life in Reception at Bransty.  Below, we have listed our themes for the Academic Year.  As well as planning activities based around stories, we follow the interests of the children.  We can teach everything we need to by following the ideas generated by the children and therefore themes or the length of time we spend on our themes/stories may alter!

Read, Write Inc. Phonics

In Reception we follow the Read Write Inc. scheme for Phonics.  Please click on the link to be taken to the  Read Write Inc. page for various information and supporting materials and videos.

Talk for Writing

The children have been rehearsing and learning to retell the story of The Little Red Hen using the story map. They have used some British Sign Language along with some character voices to support the retelling.


Mathematics is taught using the Early Years Foundation Stage ‘Development Matters‘ alongside the supporting materials from NCETM National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and the Maths Hub.

Children are supported in small groups and given plenty of opportunities to practise their maths skills in all areas of their play.

Pupils will build on previous experiences of number from their home and nursery environments, and further develop their subitising and counting skills. They will explore the composition of numbers within 5. They will begin to compare sets of objects and use the language of comparison.
Pupils will:
• identify when a set can be subitised and when counting is needed
• subitise different arrangements, both unstructured and structured, including using the Hungarian number frame
• make different arrangements of numbers within 5 and talk about what they can see, to develop their conceptual subitising skills
• spot smaller numbers ‘hiding’ inside larger numbers• connect quantities and numbers to finger patterns and explore different ways of representing numbers on their fingers
• hear and join in with the counting sequence, and connect this to the ‘staircase’ pattern of the counting
numbers, seeing that each number is made of one more than the previous number
• develop counting skills and knowledge, including: that the last number in the count tells us ‘how many’ (cardinality); to be accurate in counting, each thing must be counted once and once only and in any order; the need for 1:1 correspondence; understanding that anything can be counted, including actions and sounds
• compare sets of objects by matching
• begin to develop the language of ‘whole’ when talking about objects which have parts

Physical Development

The children in Reception have been working on their motor skills through activities like Flapper Time, Dough Disco and large mark making activities.  In PE we will be learning about Dance.

Baking & Snack Time

This half term the children will be learning how to make cheese roll ups, making them in groups with support until they are able to make them independently.  We are focussing on the skill of rolling and spreading.

Understanding the World

Life Cycles
In Spring 2 we will be investigating animal and plant life cycles including having tadpoles and chicks in class.



Read, Write & Phonics

Please use the ‘activities’ section of your child’s Classdojo account to access the homework set for children most days. Please watch the video explaining the phonics sounds.


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

We have had a visit from Life Education.  In our session, we learned about being healthy and how our bodies work.  All the children learnt about the importance of exercise.  In their outdoor play, the children worked very hard together to make their very own assault course!

The children worked together to devise a way to water the flowers in the raised beds. They shared ideas and talked about bends in the channels, angles and length.



We plan the next steps in children’s learning from Development Matters.  By the end of the Reception Year, children are expected to achieve the Early Learning Goals, to find these please click on the link below.

Development Matters – Early Learning Goals

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