Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum
Year 5 Homework

Year 5 Homework


Children are expected to bring their Learning Logs to school EVERYDAY. This will mean:

  • I can keep accurate records of spellings that children are working on.
  • I can see how frequently the children are learning at home.
  • Staff can add comments about learning in class.
  • We can communicate when necessary e.g. results of spelling and tables tests, any concerns that either of us may have and of course a place to celebrate all the fantastic achievements your children WILL be making
  • Children can make a note of homework, PE, timetables etc. and any special events that they need reminders for.
  • Non negotiables for Literacy and Numeracy can be shared with home.


The amount of homework set for your children will inevitably vary throughout the school year. However, there are basic things that the children will ALWAYS be expected to do EVERY WEEK. These are:

  • To read at least 4 times during the week (everyday if possible) and record it in Learning Logs
  • Practise the next set of unknown spellings to be checked and tested in school each week
  • Complete writing homework and comprehension when set
  • Learn number facts
  • Work on their own maths target (usually linked to the end of year expectations) this may be in the form of games or Mathletics.
  • Maths workbooks, these will be sent home when required to help consolidate the learning taking place in the class


The children will be asked to complete a reading comprehension each week.

Reading Comprehension exercises can be completed in any order and can be included as part of their 4x week reading homework. If your child finds it easier to talk to you about the text and discuss their answer, then there is no reason why you cannot write answers down for them: just make sure you only write what they tell you!!

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