Physical Education

Physical Education at Bransty

We aim to create a happy, positive and stimulating environment where all children are provided with opportunities to participate in and evaluate their physical education.

This will enable Bransty Primary School to promote a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.

Our Values

We believe that PE in a safe and supportive environment, is vital to a child’s physical and emotional well-being and development. A high quality PE programme ensures that children’s needs are at the forefront whilst encouraging them to realise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Objectives

We aim to do this by promoting a life-long love of sport and physical activity through the following objectives:

  • Thorough application of PE Programme of Study, utilising expert coaching wherever possible
  • Guidance and support to staff, encouraging CPD in high quality resources and planning
  • A range of physical activities during playtimes and lunchtimes
  • Encouraging the role of play leaders outdoors
  • Encouraging forest school learning and promote positive well-being, social and emotional skills using the outdoors
  • High quality sport activities during after school clubs and breakfast club, to target all interests and abilities
  • Encouraging ‘A Mile a Day’ Challenge at play times and lunch times for all children (six laps around the playground markings)
  • Providing links to community sports clubs and guiding with local clubs where needed
  • A commitment to working towards the School Games Gold Kitemark annually
  • Working with other local cluster schools to ensure consistency

In order to do this we have committed our Sports Funding to the following:

  1. Providing swimming lessons for Years 1,2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 pupils
  2. Providing on-going CPD for the year across KS1 & KS2
  3. Buying into a local competition calendar
  4. Updating & maintaining PE/games equipment
  5. Keeping up to date with relevant assessment tools
  6. Updating playtime equipment
  7. Transport to sporting events
  8. Re developed the playground and forest area by providing bike pods, netball nets, football nets
  9. Purchased the climbing frame in the hall
  10. Residentials and OAA trips provided to KS1 & 2 to develop life skills
  11. Purchased fitness trackers for all classes

With the increased SSG in 2020-2021 funding we:

  1. Developed the playground further to promote physical activity further during breaks
  2. Continue to look into how well-being and positive mental health can be promoted through school
  3. Encouraged local virtual competitions
  4. Purchased new equipment for class bubbles

We have also established the following to raise the profile of sport across the school:

  • Developed an Intra-school and Inter-school competition calendar
  • Developed after school provision in a range of sports
  • Completed high quality sports at play/lunch times
  • Developed a dedicated School Sports display board to promote school PE & Sports and celebrate our achievements
  • Encouraged independent play leaders to develop and deliver high quality sports

Our children at Bransty Primary School really enjoy PE and keeping fit. We all participate in a range of PE activities throughout the week, including play and lunch time provision, PE sessions in classes and swimming. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 take part in swimming. We encourage children keeping healthy and mindful at all times and try to encourage PE wherever possible.

We are linked with other local schools in Copeland through the School Games, which help support local schools to take part in school competitions and festivals to develop a love for sport, competing and team games.

Every day our children take part in completing a mile. We can complete this however we like. We track it on our own charts and receive certificates when we pass by milestones.

This year we have taken part in a range of charity sporting events such as Sport Relief. We all completed and mile a day and a range of activities throughout the week to keep us active and fit. We raised a huge amount totalling- £1250! Well done to everyone who helped this happen!!

Each year our school takes part in Wheelchair basketball with the county organisation. They come in and talk to us about the sport and encourage our children to take part in different activities in the wheelchair. Our children absolutely love this sport and get very competitive.