Music at Bransty

The music curriculum at Bransty begins in EYFS, focussing on singing, performing and composing songs and responding to music by expressing feelings.  From Years 1 – 6, our music lessons use the excellent CUSP resources as a basis for our Learning Sequences which are adapted to fit our own school’s circumstances and experiences.

Across the year, each year group focuses on developing singing, playing a range of untuned and tuned instruments, building their knowledge of music and making effective use of technology to support their learning.

Through our music lessons we aim to secure strong musical foundations for pupils, including a firm focus on learning musical vocabulary.  Reading music forms an important element of music at Bransty, with music from a wide range of cultures, time periods and traditions included in the blocks of study.

Music lessons take place weekly, supported by a specialist music teacher from Reception to Year 6.  Part of this offer includes guitar lessons for those in Years 3 – 6 and drumming sessions designed to focus on performance and celebratory events.

Further opportunities include involvement in the whole school choir which regularly performs at school events and in the community.  Children in Years 5 and 6 are also able to take part in the Young Voices concert each year.  A further offer, extended to those who will benefit, is a song writing group, which forms part of the wider nurture work that takes place at Bransty.  The end of the year sees a performance of talents from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 at the local theatre, where children perform individually and in groups showcasing their learning in music and performance skills from across the arts curriculum and throughout the academic year.