Music at Bransty

At Bransty Primary school, Music is a greatly valued area of the curriculum.
The music curriculum at Bransty begins in EYFS, in Nursery focusing on singing, performing and composing songs and responding to music by expressing their feelings. All classes at the school have weekly Music lessons from specialist music teachers from Reception – Year 6; this may include drumming and guitar
Our Music sessions contain exciting topics which capture the minds and inspire our pupils. Weekly sessions
in all classes include:
• music theory focus,
• rhythm practise,
• main topic
• song of the week.
Throughout the school, pupils are taught about different periods of music, different genres of music
alongside developing their skills in:
• performance
• music theory
• rhythm
• listening
• composition
• music history

Our Music curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:
• Listen to music across all genres.
• Develop an understanding of musical instruments and their place in compositions.
• Learn about Music Theory and use this in compositions.
• Perform with their class and on their own (vocals and instruments).
• Compose their own pieces of music.
• Develop their own opinions on the music they like.
• Develop knowledge around of the History of Music.

Weekly Music Sessions

Miss Dockeray is our specialist in Music and teaches each class weekly. She has a range of experience in the music industry and the children love Music time!


We are also lucky enough to have a super drumming teacher, Andy, who comes into school once a week. Children from Year 1 up to Year 6 have the opportunity to take part in his sessions.

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