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We will be adding activities and games to this site over time. Please remember to check our Classdojo class story for activities too.

Online Books

Learn to read with phonics: a parent guide

Reading skills: Age 4–5 (Reception)

Continue to practise the phonics phonemes/sounds, tricky words and high frequency (or decodable words).  The children need to be able to recognise the word without sounding out to improve the fluency of reading.  We have all worked on Phase 2  and most of Phase 3 Tricky words (with the exception of all and are)

Phase 2 Flashcards

Phase 3 Flashcards

Phase 2 Decodable and Tricky Word Cards

Phase 3 High Frequency Words and Tricky Words Flashcards

Phase 4 High Frequency Word Cards

Phase 2 Tricky Words On Writing Practice Worksheets

Phase 3 Phonics Tricky Words Activity Booklet

Phase 4 Phonics Tricky Words Activity Booklet

Phase 2 Pictures and Captions Matching Worksheets

Phase 3 Pictures and Captions Matching Activity Sheets

Phase 4 Pictures and Captions Matching Activity Sheets

Click on the image below for further details regarding a free Phonics Play login.  This is a site which we use for phonics games and the children are familiar with the activities.


Check out Mr Thorne Does Phonics You Tube Page


Please refer to the picture on class story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  Can your child retell the story and copy the map?  Innovation – can you change some of the aspects of the story, characters, setttings, main phrases and make it your own?  Send me a picture of the new story map and a video of them performing it.

You should be able to do this in the portfolio section of Classdojo and if not email it to me.  [email protected]

Peeple Documents for Early Years – Other